Originally, the registering of the domain name was for a joke, though from various discussions (mainly pub based) the idea to use the domain and generate pornography seems solid (and we seem to have already found volunteers from photographers to actors). But we need to know if people want "Scottish Porn" and what that would consist of. Hence the form below, if you could fill it in and give us your thoughts we can gauge the demand and depending on the responses, tailor the content for you.

The form does not ask any identifying questions and we do not track it, it simply sends an email to the admin account for the domain so we can tally the results.

Your sexuality Straight Bi Gay
Do you / would you, pay for porn? Yes No
What type of porn should the site contain? Softcore Hardcore Mixture of both
What sexuality should the site cater for? Straight Bi Gay Mixture
What type of content would be appealing?
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Generic Porn with Scottish people?
Porn in Scottish clothing (Kilts, etc)?
Porn in Scottish locations?
Porn with Scottish storylines and language?
General Thoughts?
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